Sunday, June 24, 2018

Monster Piinky & Summer of 2018

The Summer of 2018 holds great things for the Mon$ter Piinky brand as well as Mon$ter Piinky Celebrations and events. After a clean slate, new clients and a complete company makeover, The MPC Evolution is the FIRST to be refurbished under our newest marketing team management, 81o iimagery!

July 2018 we will begin a street promotions campaign for MeSha810 Craft & Design and it's entities, MeSha's Bar & Grill, EXPO SPEAKS Women's Health & Help and 2-6 Independent Music promoting websites, social media, webinars and up and coming events beginning with the 1st 2-6 Company Cookout on August 4th!

This cookout, themed as a picnic, will be the first of 4 in the Summer and Fall of 2018. Each at a different location to cater to various artists and businesses of Cumberland County. This cookout is a promotional outing for MeSha810 Craft & Design products, advertisements to new businesses and clients, info to the 2-6 Independent Music website and FREE FOOD catered by MeSha's Bar & Grill, an up and coming side bar to MeSha810 Craft & Design Gift and Novelty Shops.

Below you can find links to all websites. Stay tuned to blogs for information.

Friday, January 26, 2018

EXPO SPEAKS: Women's Health Talk Show!

Let's Talk!!! Once just an online health and help show on Youtube, Monster Piinky Celebrations decided to upgrade and turn her old talk show into actual events in April of 2018! The up and coming show will be recorded in front of a live audience and then streamed on social video and blog sites YouTube, Vevo, Blogger and Dailymotion after editing.

Women's health is the main topic of this live expo but also a panel of guests for an interactive discussion for guests. Vendor slots will be made available for women of business, even promotional tables. There will be gifts for the first 100 guests during each show so stay tuned in for ticket links and sales. Refreshments, coffee and tea as well as fresh catering and a live closing performance!

Stay tuned for information on show dates, early ticket purchase and how to submit and become a panelist! Submissions will also be accepted for clean performances, spoken word and dance.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Video Budget: Shopping For New Visuals!

I need visuals! Finally breaking out with my music and getting 3 videos done. So today, I'm writing out my final budget for videographer payments AND the items I need for each shoot. I have a bit of a "lavish habit" and that's ok by me. I have pushed back having a video in fear of looking too fat or having a bootleg outcome. Remember, I am the woman who is afraid to allow other people to touch my hair so I do it myself. But a video is something I cannot do. If only I had eight hands lol...

I have to hire 3 different videographers because I want different looks and visions for my work. Along with the budget, I have to jot down the scenes for my videos. 2 songs are done ("Who You Talking To, Pussy?" & "Prettii Piink") so in the beginning, I'm pushing for 2 video shoots and the recording of "Don't Address The Mess". 

My workout regimen through #PiinkBody is coming out great so I should be ready for the real work in March. But videos aren't the only visuals on my menu... I have 3 new photo shoots coming as well, one with the theme "All White Sale, All Black Business" where I will be shopping with several black owned businesses in the Fayetteville area getting some great shots and promoting these businesses with a final online display, personal portfolio and ads in the WTF Happened To HipHop News Letter! Ooooops, did I let the cat out of the bag???

Saturday, January 20, 2018

I'm The BITCH That Keeps Removing The Tag!

Did you notice that you are missing a person from the 99 people you tagged in that status on Facebook... and now, for some odd reason, there are only 98? Well it was ME! I respectfully 'untagged' myself and saved you the time and energy. Why? Well let's explore that, shall we?

For several years, I have worked very hard for music artists in the area to have a platform to post their music, whether it be the 2-6 website or the facebook fan page. I have asked artists to post on the page and the 2-6 Independent Music fan page will share under it's brand. I have also asked that artists invite others to LIKE the fan page, making it grow even larger. Did you all do that? Hell naw. But you keep tagging me in your music that I refuse to listen to because you fail to follow simple instructions.

Now here is another reason... them hotdamn notifications. Not only did you tag 8,000 of your friends, but they all want to like, love, some niggas laughing at your ass behind the scenes and most of all... COMMENT! Blowing me up with people I don't know. Holding whole conversations about the game last night and did you see the fight at the club.... SMH. That's far from professional and deters fans from YOUR MUSIC that has been given several platforms online for posting... but I said that, didn't I?

Last, but not least, if I haven't talked to you or you don't support me or my movements... REMOVE TAG! Why request support that you don't give? I just have to ask but knowing the remedial reader, you don't know wtf I'm talking about. So the next time I get a lil tag from you, just know that unlike your surrounding audience, Monster Piinky is honest enough to tell you I UNTAGGED MY NAME OUT OF THE BS!

Below you will find links to the online platforms that you may post your music and even your events for the city. NEVER let the words PIINKY DON'T SUPPORT slip out your lips cuz I might hear you. I support, but I will support the way that I like. Tagging me is the same as shoving dick down my throat before asking if I wanted to spit on it first. There are other and BETTER ways to promote! Share my article though...

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What Type Of Man Is Sitting At Your Table?

There are 3 types of men in this world and if you're lucky, you won't have the opportunity to feel the hurt of the wrong type. So think about when you and your man sit at the table for lunch or dinner. Look into his eyes after reading this and analyze which type is he... no judgement depending what your preference is.

Man one is the type with nothing to offer. This man sought you out as a means to survive. He sits at your table to dine off of the fish you catch and cook. But when you sit at the table to eat with him, you find you have no respect for him. He eats, wipes his mouth and moves on...

Then there is the second man who has everything to offer. He catches the fish for you to cook. This man provides your every want and need but when you sit down at the table with him to eat, he has a power over you and the respect is no mutual...

Then there is a third man. This man teaches you how to fish. You fish together and when you sit at the table, the respect and admiration is equal. If anything happens to that man, you have been given the skills to provide on your own.

These are my personal experiences so don't take it to heart. The first or second man may work out for you, but never have they worked out for me. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

#NoMoneyNoMention: Do Your Promotions MATTER?

I have found through my personal experience that being involved in an event "indirectly" holds no weight for your name or brand. Your idea may be used, your theme may be great and your online promotions may be appreciated. But there is a such thing as post-event promotions, the pictures, the shout out posts, the tags. But where is your mention as being a provider of the event?  How was your brand being promoted? Why weren't you mentioned by others involved? 

This is where we go back to your "indirect" involvement... you were used to make money and you weren't an investor. Proper payment was not paid at the end of the night and your participation was not really appreciated. 

#NoMoneyNoMention is your incentive to break away and invest in your events and branding. 2018 is a year of proper investments and marketing. There is no longer a fear to take a loss when there is a chance that the gain at the end of the evening belongs to you!

2018 NEW EVENTS by Monster Piinky Celebrations

When you have been involved in so many events and your name, company or brand was never mentioned, it makes you go out on your own and start anew with something that stands out. I began investments in my brand in music and MeSha810 Craft & Design store in 2017. For 2018, investments and marketing is geared towards my event planning and catering. There will be no more events without my logo. There will be no more "middlemen" in my events. I have adopted the phrase "NO MONEY, NO MENTION" meaning all events with my branding will be backed with MY MONEY! No, I don't want to tell the story, I just want to start fresh and run up a fucking check of my own. #Branding #Investments #Marketing#Strategy #Boss #MPC #MonsterPiinkyCelebrations This is my new logo for Monster Piinky Celebrations, an entity of 81o iimagery graphics and 8th Eliite Ent. Promotions & Events for independent artists.